Effective Weight Loss

Improve your body, more confident in life

Beautiful Body, Smooth Skin

Hot body, sexy and charming


Effective weight loss, more beautiful body, smoother skin

Fresh Juice Detox Havyco vị chuối

What is Fresh Juice Detox?

  • The essence of fresh and clean fruit.
  • A product produced from fresh and fine ingredients that are organically grown and cared for.
  • Helps to eliminate toxins from the user’s body.
  • No side effects, beautifies the skin and helps with weight loss.
  • Suitable for modern life because of its convenience and health benefits.
  • Delicious taste from natural fruits.

Our Customers say

Very Good Product

I have been drinking it for 20 days and lost 4kg. This product is good in that it does not reduce my breastmilk. When I started drinking my belly was very big but now it’s much smaller, my skin is more beautiful, my appetite is much reduced. Thank you very much!

Dư Quyền / Bạc Liêu
Khách hàng Nguyễn Trúc Ngân tại Cần Thơ

A Big Transformation

I have been drinking 3 boxes and lost 7kg. Now I am very confident when wearing a dress on the street because my body is slimmer, my belly fat is much reduced.

Trúc Ngân / Cần Thơ
Khách hàng Thạch Thảo tại Quận 9, TPHCM


I’m very happy! Today I weigh myself and find that I have lost almost 10 kg. Unbelievable! I have only been using this product for 23 days. I had to weigh myself many times to make sure this was true.

Thạch Thảo / Quận 9, TPHCM

6 Delicious Taste

Dâu tây (strawberry)


Trái đào (peach)


Dưa lưới (cantaloupe)



Chanh (lemon)


Chuối (banana)